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Academy of Women Empowerment aims to make women self sufficient through Handicraft Skill Development Training to give them an alternative livelihood


Media and Entertainment is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing sectors all over the world with a  progressive & promising career ahead




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Success is not defined by the mode of learning you choose to embrace. Online coaching is an innovative method of learning to fulfill your dreams


Hospitality & Tourism Management Home Study and Distance Learning courses  adapts to everyone's career goals and life style



Hospitality & Tourism Management Home Study and Distance Learning courses offer a flexible approach that adapts to everyone's career goals and life style.  Whether you are looking for a new career or looking for advancement in your current position in the Tourism, Hospitality or the Food Service Industry, ACA provides you with a full range of practical, easy to understand home study courses in a wide range of work areas in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector.


Upgrading your knowledge and qualifications is important for your career. But getting it while keeping your job in hospitality industry with odd working hours is challenging. ACA allows you to keep your job while you earn internationally renowned qualifications or upgrade your knowledge, without compromising on the benefits of being a regular student.

Now you can get education in hospitality online, while you continue to work or study something else. No need to attend full time classes. Choose from a wide range of diploma, specialization certificates and single module certifications to match your professional and educational needs within your budget. Moreover, exercise flexibility to set you own pace, place and time of study. Gain knowledge as well as qualification and start performing better and therefore secure a promotion or a better job.


 Learn while you earn; continue to work at your present job while taking our courses.
 Learn on your own time at your own pace as your schedule permits.
 Save time and money, more time with your family and less time off from work for classes.
 Select the specific course or curriculum that interests you.
 Use material that is easy to read & understand, developed by experts.
 Earn internationally recognized  Diploma and certificates.
 Gain recognition from your employer for the knowledge you already have.

LEARN WHILE YOU EARN ! ! !  Apply Now . . .

Courses Offered Duration Eligibility Fees
 1. Diploma in Hotel Management  Duration - 12 Months  Eligibility - 10 (P)


 2. Advance Diploma in Hotel Management  Duration - 12 Months  Eligibility - 12 (P/A)


 3. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management  Duration - 12 Months  Eligibility - 10+2+3 (P)


 4. Diploma in Tourism & Aviation Management  Duration - 12 Months  Eligibility - 10 (P)


 5. Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management  Duration - 12 Months  Eligibility - 10+2+3 (P)


 6.  Certificate in Hotel Operations  Duration - 06 Months  Eligibility - 10 (P/A)


 7. Craft Course in Food Production  Duration - 03 Months  Eligibility - 08 (P)


 8. Craft Course in Food & Beverage Service  Duration - 03 Months   Eligibility - 08 (P)


 9. Craft Course in Front Office Operations  Duration - 03 Months   Eligibility - 08 (P)


 10. Craft Course in Accommodation Operations  Duration - 03 Months   Eligibility - 08 (P)



For our corporate clients we offer customised courses and modules through E-Learning best suited to their organizational needs. Hospitality Professionals who aspire to reach executive management positions will benefit from a programme which is designed to develop students analytical and creative skills, enhancing their management and leadership abilities. 


Food Production Department


Food Production: It is a department which deals with the preparation of different types of food items. It is not a visible department to the guest because it usually works in the back area. It makes the food more delicious and attractive by different styles of cooking method. Different cuisine has their own kitchen and specialized chef to work on it according to their skills. Bakery departments comes under this which include preparation of desserts, breads etc. The executive chef, a person of considerable importance and authority in any full-service hotel, runs the food production, or kitchen, department. A variety of culinary specialists who are responsible for different aspects of food preparation report to the executive chef.


Food and Beverage Service Department


Food and Beverage Service: It is a department which serves food and beverage to the guest in a very attractive and pleasing manner, which creates good impression on the guest. there are several kind of food and beverage outlet like restaurants, Bars, Coffee shops, take away banquets etc. It is the second most revenue producing department of the hotel by selling different types of food and  beverage to the guest. The primary function of the food and beverage department is to provide food and drink to a hotel's guests. In earlier times, when an inn had a single dining room that could hold a limited number of guests, this was a fairly simple task. Today, however, providing food and drink is much more complicated. A large hotel might well have a coffee shop, a gourmet restaurant, a poolside snack bar, room service, two banquet halls, and ten function rooms where food and beverages are served. It might also have a lounge, a nightclub, and a lobby bar. On a busy day (or night), it's quite likely that functions will be booked in many outlets at the same time.


Front Office Department


Front Office: The front office is one of the most important departments in a hotel, as it often offers the only contact between guests and staff. A hotel's front office is where guests are greeted when they arrive, where they are registered and assigned to a room, and where they check out. It helps to create good image in front of the guest. It generates the maximum revenue for the hotel as it sells room to the guests. Usually, the telephone operator, other guest communications functions, and the bell staff or those employees responsible for delivering luggage and messages and attending to special guest requests also fall under the front office umbrella. The reservations department takes and tracks the hotel's future bookings. The Front Desk department in a limited-service facility includes reservations, the front office, housekeeping, and telephone or PBX. In smaller full-service hotels, security and engineering might also be included in the rooms department. Responsibilities of the rooms department include reservations, guest reception, room assignment, tracking the status of rooms (available or occupied), prompt forwarding of mail and phone messages, security, housekeeping of guest rooms and public spaces such as lobbies, and answering guests' questions.


Accomodation Operation Department


Housekeeping: This department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining hotel premises which include public area, guest rooms, lobby, swimming pool area etc. generally this department is not visible to the guest. It works for guest satisfaction through keeping the environment clean and hygienic. Horticulture is one of the most important features of housekeeping department which deals with different types of flower arrangement and maintaining the garden. This department works to give pleasant look of the hotel to the guest. In hotels major part of revenue comes from rooms, rooms which is not sold on any night losses revenue forever and reason for poor occupancy can be anything like hygiene factor, cleanliness, lack of modernizing etc. hence main purpose is to improve whole appeal of the room. A guest spend more time alone in his room than any other part of the hotel, so he can check up the cleanliness he wishes to as some of the guest are more health conscious these days. He may check up dusting, in-depth cleaning and losses confidence if properly not done. Decent room supplies are service like quick laundry and dry cleaning service shows guest that hotel is considering his comfort and wishes to please him. Not only this, from the cleanliness of lobby, public area, restaurant, cloakrooms, the state and cleanliness of uniform the guest can judge a lot about hotel. So we can say that the housekeeping department contributes greatly to guest impression of the hotel. House keeping is the department which determines to a large extent whether guests are happy during their stay and if they will return to the hotel again.


DISCLAIMER - ACAGLOBAL provides Job Oriented Training Programs. ACAGLOBAL Training Programs are not degree programs and are not affiliated with Universities/ UGC/ AICTE/ DEC. These are industry recognized training programs useful for the working professionals / students to enhance their knowledge and skill set.


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