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SpeakWell Institute of Spoken English

The need to learn spoken English has, increased tremendously all over the world. With the growth of international travel, tourism, trade, work opportunities and education, the demand for learning spoken English has gone up manifold. There is a strong desire and motivation for learning spoken English in people of all ages and walks of life – students for higher education, job aspirants for attractive careers or advancement in their chosen professions, others for business or travelling. Communicating clearly, confidently and effectively, socially and at the work place is everyman’s desire. And as English is an international language – used and understood in most parts of the world – learning to speak English well, can take you, a step ahead of others in realizing your dreams.


Language is potentially a communicative medium capable of expressing ideas and concepts as well as moods, feelings and attitudes. Language is learnt through use and then mastered through practice, 'The more one is exposed to the use of language, the better one learns'. English language has become the new global lingua franca. Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language. Most of the countries have English as their second language, with India being one of them. Today, English has become a necessity in everyday life and has emerged as a language for survival in this highly competitive world.....


Learning a language is a complex and long process as anyone who has tried will agree. One of the most difficult and challenging thing is making the change from the classroom to the 'real' world. SpeakWell’s Spoken English courses focus on both ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say’ i.e. the content and structure and the manner of speech. We aim at training students to express themselves in a wide range of situations, such as asking questions, making requests, expressing greetings, thanks, apologies, regrets, farewells, buying groceries, flying in an airplane, making a sales call, borrowing books from a library, making a phone call, applying for a job, facing an interview etc.


Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or whether you are a student, Executive or House wife; we have the right English speaking course for you, making you speak fluent English with ease and with neutral accent.



Basic Conversation, Elementary English, Body, Animals, School, Weather, Transport, House, Family, Food, Clothes, Games, Songs, Dance, Rhymes, etc.

Duration : 12 months.  

Reg-Fees : 1000/-  

Course Fees : 6000/-


Basics of Communication, Basic Grammar, English for the Real World, Pronunciation, Tongue Twisters, Vocabulary, Presentation, Public Speaking, Personality Development

Duration : 06 months. 

Reg-Fees : 1200/-  

Course Fees : 3000/-


Advance Spoken English, Communication Skills, Common Errors in English, Voice & Accent Training, Business English. Personality Development & grooming, Group Discussion, Interview Techniques

Duration : 06 months.  

Reg-Fees : 1500/- 

Course Fees : 4800/-


Interpersonal skills, Behavioral Skills, Soft Skills, Spoken English, Business Communication Skills, Personality Development & grooming, Customer Care Attitude, Professionalism, Finishing School Concepts

Duration : 03 months.  

Reg-Fees : 1500/-  

Course Fees : 4500/-


Elementary English, Basic Conversation, English for the Real World, Public Speaking, Work-life balance, Positive Attitude, PD & grooming, Self Help Group & Cooperative

Duration :  06 months.  

Reg-Fees : 500/-  

Course Fees : 1800/-


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