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CORPORATE TRAINING - Business has become intensely competitive and demanding today.  Organizations today recognize training needs of their employees that play an important part in maintaining relationships with their customers and developing a successful business

English has assumed phenomenal importance in global communication. In India it is a language of government departments, corporate organizations, legal fields, mass media, educational institutions, commercial and industrial organizations, etc., and therefore, a good command on English is a passport to social and economic advancement. Language is often a barrier in the global work-force today. English is the language used to bridge this huge cultural divide. For any sector to excel and sustain in this highly competitive world, excellent communication skills are imperative. Every organization feels the need to improve and develop communication skills and personality traits of its staff and employees in order to have an edge over others. iWIN offers “Soft skills and Life skills” training programs designed to help people realize their true potential and allow organizations to achieve their goals and works closely with clients to help identify their learning needs. After the assessment, creative programs are tailored to the needs of individual clients. Often, participants undergo a pre-training assessment designed to identify areas of focus before program design gets underway. We teach people the skills to be a Confident and Polished personality, be it in the business, or Social Arena.

Soft skills and Life skills are the ability to communicate effectively, promote teamwork within your organization, present ideas, manage projects and people, solve problems, and provide excellent customer care. Soft skills also include strategic thinking, managing processes and technologies, promoting the support center within your organization, and building upon customer relationships. They're critical to the success of the business. With emphasis on experiential learning, we help the trainees attain enhanced levels of skills and knowledge through quality training. We provide learning that reflects real business situations, allowing participants to learn valuable skills that can be easily applied to the workplace.  We help our clients implement their strategy through development of their people. We focus on what the organization's people need to know, do and believe in order to address current or anticipated challenges, and attain specific business objectives.


EXECUTIVE COACHING - “Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy". The need to maximize time and efforts has given rise to the need to learn and learning to learn on the go

“Many of the world’s most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the U.S is estimated at roughly $1 billion”. - Harvard Business Review  

The demand for Executive Coaching in India has seen a rapid growth in the past 3 years. Business Coaching is primarily a service that is provided to the senior executives in an organization. This is because of three reasons:

1) The emotional maturity of the participants, 2) The cost of the service, 3) Openness to change


The ebb and flow of the global economy mandates that top leadership should be able to not only adjust rapidly to change but also take along the organization seamlessly. So flexibility and reliability are two characteristics that leaders should possess. The enhancement of these characteristics is a focus of Executive Coaching. Also, undergoing Business Coaching enables them learn the skills and to provide Coaching and Mentoring to their subordinates; thus building a culture of continuous improvement. Soft Skills Training is an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Leadership Development.


As corporate align their human resources to their business goals, we help you clarify strategy, identify gaps in the current skills, attitudes and behaviors of your employees. It is a transformation driven by technology where customer is the king and calls all the shots. Hence in such a challenging situation, individual and organizational performance is the key word. The challenge now is to achieve more Business with the same amount of time and resources.


 PUBLIC SPEAKING - Most of us, in some time of the life, have to speak before a group of people. You may be asked to deliver presentations to clients, speak at board meetings or conferences or address your colleagues in a group.  Speak with confidence before huge audience with ease

Public Speaking Training - The Art of Speech Making

This public speaking and personality development course will eliminate any fear which is caused by lack of experience in public speaking and will noticeably improve each participant in their communication skills, presentation skills and speaking skills. Our extremely interactive classes focus on speech proper preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, the exact use of visual aids, and handling questions & answers.


Public Speaking and Personality Development Course will help you to :

         Become confident with one to one/ one to a few/ one to a many

         Prepare long or short talks/ speeches/ laptop presentations

         Improve English grammar, tenses, fluency and vocabulary

         Deliver Prepared/Impromptu speeches easily

         Convince and persuade people effectively to your point of view

         Make yourself comprehensible so the audience is focused on you and your message

         Speak naturally, smoothly and fluently while facing an audience


Our Public Speaking Course and Personality Development Training program is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organizational requirements and their existing skills.


CAMPUS 2 CAREER - Training students to master the art of becoming employable, planning and building their careers. To empower youth through skills and provide them with quality guidance, help, and enable support that will help them realize their nascent dreams

Most people will assume that anyone with a degree in Engineering, MBA, IT or Law or any other subject possible, sails through life smoothly. Statistics reveal that you require 15% technical skills and 85% soft skills to make an advancement in your career or personal life and it is the art of carrying yourself that makes you stand out. This is our world class Specialty. No education is complete without a finishing school and no one teaches you this better than 'iWIN'.


Our primary objective is to help the students understand and measure their skills, capabilities, aptitude and attitude; to help them acquire additional skills much needed to secure a gainful job and build a career through a uniquely created participative training program; and to guide them individually and collectively through a well thought out non-intrusive mentoring plan till they attain their career goals.


It is axiomatic that the best educational institutions offer more than just an education to their students. They offer a future to their students. Equally important, their students carry their name and this decides the course of their future. With the number of colleges spiraling day by day, it is imperative for an educational institution to differentiate itself from others if it has to maintain its preeminent position.


'iWIN' offers an answer to this very need, one that has far reaching benefits for both the institution and the student. We wish to be the most favoured partner of all premiere educational institutions to develop, provide and deliver services in all areas outside the realm of the classroom so that all the students shall emerge fully equipped to seamlessly fit into and excel in their chosen careers. For the institution it means optimum use of all its resources, enhancement of reputation and thus the ability to attract the best students and industry support. For students it means optimal clarity in career choices, methodologies to succeed and a solid foundation for professional life.



This is our flagship course. We have further refined it to take into consideration the new changes in the job market and the constantly evolving demands of recruiters. Includes an in depth study of:

         Resume writing

         Pre Interview Skills

         Dressing Etiquette

         Interview Skills

         Role Plays



"iWIN" is all set to extend its expertise and extensive knowledge gathered across the country over the years in corporate and institutional training. Based on the consistent feedbacks received from the industry leaders, ‘iWIN’ has designed a training program to meet the human resource development requirements of corporates across diverse industries.

We will be more than glad to share our expertise and impart customized training to educational institutions and corporate houses. We strongly feel that you should avail the benefits of this futuristic initiative for addressing the need of the hour.

To know more on how we can mutually work together, email us at acaglobal@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can visit www.acaglobal.org for more relevant details. Let’s take the first step for several miles, on your journey towards self discovery and /or organizational change.

“Let’s Build a Better India…together“






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