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PRINT & TV JOURNALISM Media, the fourth pillar of democracy, plays a very crucial role in shaping up public opinion. And journalists are the opinion shapers.  They can, literally, make or break a nation. Hence the responsibilities of a journalist are way behind one can apprehend. Freedom comes with a sense of responsibilities. The core purpose of a journalist is to research, document, write, and present the news in an honest, ethical, and unbiased way.  Although the method for reporting the news may be changing, the need for talented, qualified and educated journalists isn’t. Today's television and media industries are some of the most competitive and fastest growing in the world. This has created new opportunities for those who can manage, market and create for convergent media. The print, broadcast and electronic journalism field is constantly evolving due to new technology, and continues to change along with developments in communication methods. A journalist job description still calls for hard work, ethics, quality writing, and, at its heart, the desire to tell the truth. Whether you are working for a print, on-air, or online publication, the essential job duties remain constant. A fast-paced, deadline-focused person who is determined to find the truth has many traits in common with successful print, broadcast and electronic journalists. A journalist may, on any given day, rush out to cover a fire, take photos of a special event, attend community meetings or sit down with a politician to discuss public policy. After gathering the news of the day, a journalist must then write a story for a publication, broadcast or online posting.

ANCHORING & NEWS READING : Career of an anchor is one that commands immense popularity. He/ she is the face seen by millions of families each day and is instantly recognized by people. To succeed in this career one must be an extrovert, be confident and should be free from inhibitions while communicating. Anchoring has emerged as a popular career option in the country with the entry of satellite channels, with several news as well as entertainment channels coming up day by day. The field is quite lucrative for successful anchors in the field. An anchor is usually known as either a presenter, host, news reader or news/program anchor etc. Anchors are of three types- stage anchor, news anchor and programme anchor. While stage anchor present live events, News anchor/program anchors present news or programs in entertainment media or news media. TV news anchors present news in different languages - national, regional and other different languages. Program anchors focuses toward entertainment programs such as award functions, any competition shows, comedy shows, film based shows, cooking shows, reality shows, sports, crime reports or talk shows and debates etc. Anchors are the mediators between the channel and the audience. They are not only mere presenters, but are required to have updated knowledge about the world around them. Be it entertainment or sober news presentations, they must have the quality to engage the viewers throughout the programme. The task of news reading and presenting a program is a challenging field. An anchor is responsible for not only providing information, but also needs to ensure that program is delivered in an entertaining manner.

MEDIA MANAGEMENT : The importance of the media industry has grown incessantly over the last ten years, especially fuelled by the tremendous profit potential opening up thanks to new technologies. The increased importance is reflected in economic respects. Worldwide the media industry encompasses over $800 billion and is moving on to the playground of globally active multinationals. The media plays a very important role in most community, public policy, national, and international affairs. Media has played significant role in making the world a global village and to reduce the communication gaps amongst the people living in the far areas. In the world of today, media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as "mirror" of the modern society, infact, it is the media which shapes our lives. The series of task involved throughout the post-production is termed as Media Management. It covers areas like account planning, media planning and management & market research. In general task related to media management are capturing, compressing, moving, copying or deleting media files. It requires knowledge of multidisciplinary field of media management, media technology and also its basic components like market studies, organization and economics, business development. It helps to understand the changing media environment by researching & analyzing the organizational, technological and business environment which in turn helps to create more efficient, effective & knowledgeable managers. It serves as a bridge between general discipline of management and the specificities of the media Industry. An enhance Job prospect is available in the following fields like Television Networks, Film Industry, FM, Advertising, PR & Event Management, New Social Media including Web Journalisms and other related fields. In a global scenario where media organizations need clear goals and structure, in an environment rife with risks and uncertainty, young talent capable of planning, analyzing and delivering innovatively are welcomed.

ADVERTISING & CREATIVE BRAND COMMUNICATION : The Communications industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the world. Communication is at the centre of the way we live our lives. Today's communication systems and tools are complex, sophisticated and very powerful. However the efficacy of these systems and tools depends on those that know how best to use them creatively. Advertising and Brand Management offers an holistic view of brand communications and need skills in creative practice, account planning, media planning and research, to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams. A strategic thinker and communicator is needed to create cutting edge advertising, brand and design campaigns innovatively & needs to have the understanding of brand communication, professional graphic design, advertising strategy and creativity in contemporary communications. Combining a mix of creative practice and marketing theories, a clear understanding of the integration of creative activities and marketing functions is required. As consumer becomes more savvy and products more varied, brand strategy and management is fundamental for business growth. The key to successful brand development is an understanding of business strategy and a diverse and inquisitive mind to understand the relationships involved in incremental or radical innovation, consumer shifts in need and wants as well as the emotional bridges. Branding connects to the consumer through a range of tools; identity, experience, advertising and manipulation, while design innovation is more about; new thinking processes, new associations/ relationships between functionality and aesthetics and new technologies. As consumers become more knowledgeable and knowing, creating the right kind of conversation to engage consumers is imperative. Advertising, Branding and Communication has to be lightning fast for responding to consumer needs, aspirations, and trends in highly innovative relational and meaningful actions.

ACTING : Acting is perhaps one of the most glamorous careers in this world, and it is no surprise that more and more people are trying to get into this lucrative industry. It is expected that the number of people opting for careers as actors and actresses in India and the world will continue to grow, but the demand is also rising gradually. A career in acting is definitely not for everyone. Starting out as an actor or actress is perhaps one of the most difficult things anyone can do, professionally speaking. A career in acting is only for people who are not easily disgruntled. Since this field has a lot of competition and many entrants looking to make it big, actors and actresses need to be willing to put in that extra level of effort in order to get hired. The main responsibility of an actor is to communicate a particular situation and/or character to an audience using gestures, expressions, body language, speech and other forms of communication tools. Actors normally work with directors, writers and various other technicians to create television serials, movies, plays, live stage performances and other features. Actors and actresses need to be able to memorize lines really quickly, and they must have the ability to follow directions precisely. They must be professional and extremely organized Actors must be able to work long hours so that tight deadlines can be met. They must also be comfortable doing a wide range of scenes and playing various roles. Actors may work to help create entertainment, provide education, therapy or even training. You cannot become an actor by training. You cannot become an actor if you have inherited talent. A combination of both is required and the ability to work hard is the only way to become a good actor.

FASHION DESIGNING & MANAGEMENT  : With the fashion industry growing in popularity and consumers becoming more aware of and interested in owning designer brands, there is more room than ever for a career in this exciting field. In the high profile and glamorous world of fashion, designs themselves and the merchandising and marketing of these designs are both important for making a designer and his or her line successful. There are professionals involved at every step from conception to production to retail making the fashion industry full of interesting and well-paid career opportunities for people with an interest in style. The fashion designers are the artists of the industry, the creative individuals with an eye for color, texture and line, and an innovative sense of style. Designing is one of the most important aspects of the fashion world and everything revolves around designs. But, it's a hard grind and no easy cakewalk, which requires a lot of stamina to sustain in the long run. The academy aims at preparing students to work as Fashion Designers, Fashion Coordinators, Stylist, Pattern Makers, Production Managers, Client Service Managers or Merchandisers in the fashion industry in India & abroad. The students are exposed to the entire process of the garment industry - from concept to finished product to merchandising. In the designing industry constant market research & its application are the most vital business elements for which the course content is monitored and constantly reviewed. If you are not afraid to experiment with colors and designs and ready to give your creativity a free rein, if you have a feel for textures and a flair for styles, if colors and combinations fascinate you and if you enjoy to handle people without losing your cool, this course prepares you for a glamorous career in designing, fashion co-ordination and merchandising.

FILM MAKING & CINEMATOGRAPHY  : Out of all the media forms, Film making is probably the most creative one. Today film making as a universal media has gone beyond all the cultural differences of the nations and has also acted as a catalyst to strengthen global harmony and cooperation. All over the world various types of films are made to cater to a unique target audience. These include documentaries, promotional films, newsreels, feature films, TV commercials and music videos, each catering to a different audience. Filmmaking is a teamwork exercise which requires close coordination of various skilled professionals. This art involves skills in acting, directing, producing, script writing, cinematography, sound recording, visual mixing and editing etc. A film maker should essentially have artistic flair, ability to work cooperatively, sense of responsibility, ability to work under deadlines, great physical stamina, strong visual sense, good communication skills as well as administrative skills. Careers in films can be of two types, one which is related to the actual production of the film and those related to the film field such as a Film critic, Film archivist, Film curator, Film distributor etc.

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